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Christmas Center Piece

Greenery class being offered on Thursday December 18 and Saturday December 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Learn how to make a "fresh" center piece! You will learn how to make a bow and leave with a finished center piece. Refreshments will be served and recipes will be shared. Sign up in the market or call 540 850 5009 to reserve your spot for $40! This is an adult only class. Please leave your children and pets at home. See you at the farm!

Christmas Open House Sat. Dec. 6th

Hey Folks,

CSA info for 2015

This is the last week for our Fall CSA. We have had a great season and met a lot of new customers. Many folks have asked about the CSA for 2015. We are in the process of tweaking it and updating our website at the same time with a new website designer. As soon as we get all of the info together and the kinks worked out, we will let you know. Thanks for helping us have a great season and we look forward to 2015.

Mr. Ben

Fresh, Frozen, Pastured Turkeys

Fresh, Frozen, Pastured Turkeys


Up to our Ears in Corn! "How sweet it is!"

Sure enough, that's how it is just now.  Sweet corn all the fields, in the bins, in the wagons, in the CSA crates, up at the market and piled up on the farmhouse kitchen table being prepped to go into the freezer.  As Jackie Gleason once said, "How sweet it is!"  Now I'm dating myself for sure...anyone out there remember the TV show "The Honeymooners", how hard we laughed at the antics coming from that show.  That time of laughter helped relieve the stress from the day and at times, we could see ourselves in some of what went on.  Many of you are s

More than just a tea towel!

Did you know that at Miller Farms Market there is a gift shop area at the back of the market?  Back behind where all the produce and canned goods are displayed, there is an area set aside for handmade goods.  Many of the hand crafted items are made by local artisans...many are one of a kind.  The handcrafted items are unique and functional, and easily find a place in the country home decor.  Great antiques are nestled in between the handcrafted things making a walk through the gift shop well worth the effort.  In displaying the items for sale, we try to arrange them

What ?? Salsa from melons??

Most people think of salsa as a spicy mix of tomtoes, onions and hot peppers...or a variation thereof. many melons to "play with" has led to some experimentation in the farmhouse kitchen.  Let the finely chopped mix of melons take the place of the finely chopped tomatoes and viola' have melon salsa.  Here is the recipe for a basic melon salsa mix:  1/2 cup each of three different melons= one and a half cups total ( finely chopped ), 1 serrano chile ( minced ), 2 Tablespoons finely chopped cilantro, 1 Tablespoon honey, 2 teaspoons grated lime zest, 1 te

It's a "Corny" Sitaution!!

Although we are growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, it seems as if the sweet corn has taken over the farm.  I just got back from a "walk about" and it seemed like everywhere I looked ...there was the sweet corn...and then there was more sweet corn!  So what is going on at Miller Farms anyway?  Mr. Ben has been planting corn every week so that the sweet corn is ongoing and plentiful.  Last year we had the situation of sometimes running out of sweet corn; Mr.

The Sun is Up...

The sun is up!  Pick your own berry patches are open with the blackberry patch offering the most ripe berries.  Fresh corn is being pulled, melons are being gathered and tomatoes are coming in from our fields.  Other produce like peppers, eggplant and a variety of squash are coming in on the "gathering wagon".  Summer produce is in full swing and there are many choices available for your week-end "grillin" and "cookin".  Load up your car and take a little drive into the country; we are here ready to help you.  PS...don't forget the butter for the sweet corn and

Just a little drive in the country!

That's us...just a little drive in the country.  Our farm is nestled up against the Wilderness Battlefield in western Splotsylvania county.